Interesting how new stuff isn’t always new. I blogged about Guess the Google almost exactly a year ago to date.

And today Skeeballer writes about this , almost exactly a year later. And I don’t mean to say he’s late, or didn’t know what was going on a year ago (on the contrary, with all the cool stuff that’s getting published every day, it’s impossible to keep up).

I just recognised, that Websites without timestamps are truly timeless (I know, sounds stupidly obvious).
So maybe, Guess the google was already 1 year old, when I first blogged about it. Or two, or three years, who knows? Only one thing is sure – it couldn’t have started before the Google image search functionality.

It made me think of another fact: now that I link to Skeeballer, Technorati will most likely say, that I linked to their site a few hours ago, then „1 day ago“, later maybe „20 days ago“ and so forth.
Now, imagine Technorati keeping their databases up and running without deleting anything – and me and Skeeballer doing the same with our weblogs. After 20 years it will say 7300 days ago, or may be 20 years, 1 month, 12 days ago. This could go on for a very long time: The web just doesn’t forget any longer.

Just think about it – what if YouTube keeps your silly video (that your evil friends uploaded) live to see for the next 20-50 years?

I am truly glad that most of my adolescent misbehaviours happenend, when video cams were too expensive and mobile phones with cams didn’t exist yet. There are enough stupid photos of me, as it is…