In this article on Read/Write Web (while I am still at it), there are three points, where Google says, that advertising needs to go:

  1. Advertisers need to get better at creating a 1:1 experience for their users. As an example, she cited the work that Cadillac did with their MyCadillac campaign.
  2. Advertisements need to continue increasing personalization. This was surprising to me, given that I don’t believe Google has publicly announced any plans to incorporate behavioral targeting into their ad delivery system.
  3. Users are demanding the delivery of information to be an experience and advertising must respond to it, just like content needs to.

Not really new points, but it doesn’t hurt to reemphasize them. I also find it interesting that the one thing that made creative ad agencies puzzle (text based search advertising) – because it reduced the need for (admittingly more expensive) creatives – is something Google says, we must move away from. Instead, we should increasingly make it an experience. I have been saying this all along, but now even Google recommends experience-richer content.

One other thing I found in that article: I didn’t even know that Yahoo! actually owns the patent for search advertising! This is interesting.

When Google started doing this type of advertising, Overture (acquired by Yahoo) had been delivering similar ads for years. This is why Yahoo owns patent #6,269,361 – which Google licensed from Yahoo right before the Google IPO.

Another field which Google took from Yahoo! (or Overture, in this case) and made it successful.