The New York Times has an article about the recent developments of Google, how it leaves puberty, appears to be more like one of those establishment companies (and not much longer like a rebellious Silicon Valley company) and turns rather arrogant and hungry for control, power and money. Sort of like what Microsoft used to go through and now is…

Some nice quotes:

It was not that long ago that Google reigned here as the upstart computer company that could do no wrong. Now some working in the technology field are starting to draw comparisons between Google and Microsoft, the company in Redmond, Wash., that Silicon Valley loves most to hate.

Google is at that inflection point where it’s starting to act like an establishment company, and Silicon Valley is a rebel culture

Google is the new evil empire, because they’re in such a powerful position in terms of control. They have potential monopolistic control over access to information.

I have already raised some doubts about Google here and here .

It’s going to be interesting over the next 2-5 years how Google will shape and embrace the world of information…