What can I say? The whole country is absolutley mental. Worldcup fever all over the place. Thats the main reason why this blog has been so quiet the last couple of days. I was probably out and about celebrating yet another German victory (who thought we’ll actually make it past the first round??)

Here are a few shots of the athmosphere taken during the last couple of days. It’s a mixture of the celebrations after the game against Sweden last week and the celebrations of yesterday, when we actually won against Argentinia!

This one is after the game against Argentinia:

and this one is after the game against Sweden:

The overall athmoshpere here in Germany is just fantastic. I wish we could have the worldcup in Germany all the time, like, every year. It has been a great party sofar. And, since we have a lot of foreign citizens in Frankfurt, there was a party every night, there was always some nation celebrating.