The MIT Advertising Lab has news about the first ad made by rocketboom being live now. A series of ads sold for $40.000 on eBay.
You could potentially watch it here, however they currently seem to experience a lot of traffic, so the page won’t load properly.

As „we are the media“ writes:

It was only a month ago that they sold their first advertisement package on ebay. The highest bidder, an atm company, gets an advertisement put at the end of every Rocketboom for a week. Rocktboom gets complete creative control and retains the creative commons copyright on it and so if their client likes the advertisement and wants to show it on tv, they have to buy !

That they kept creative control is probably not in the favour of the advertisers, but as the article continues, rocketboom seems to have found a good way of integrating the ad into the show:

Because they are not limited to television’s thirty seconds, they have added subtlety and intruigue and a great narrative story to the advertisements that will make Rocketboom subscribers sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next days advertisement.

(As mentioned above, I haven’t seen the ad myself, yet … so more commentary might follow.)