There is Information about Facebooks new ad plattform. Especially interesting: the „beacon project“. If you purchase anything on third party sites (e.g. Amazon), it could be listed on your newsfeed. Of course you’re asked in advance, whether you want this data transferred across to Facebook. Nevertheless, I wonder how this will be taken up by users. Particularly in Germany, where users are rather careful with their data privacy, I think this feature will not be successful. Techcrunch has some more information on this.

Users will have several options to choose from:

… opt in to always including this data in their news feed, opt out to never include it, or opt in to include it with a secondary confirmation via the toast above. Users can also opt in/out for specific third parties.

That sounds OK, however I would never choose the first option, the danger of forgetting about it is too big. Not that I buy stuff on the web, but still it’s none of other people’s business..

On Tuesday, Facebook will announce the new ad systems, so that will be worth checking out.