Steve blogging as the Creative Generalist had a brilliant idea some time ago:

A university pal and I made a pact upon graduation. The deal was that we would venture out into the world and build our careers but that one day we would meet up again and start our own university program, a Faculty of Everything. A paradise for curious generalist learners. Ideally, such a „school“ would be:1. Random – From the banal to the offensive to the foreign to the ridiculous, everything and anything is interesting.
2. Surprising – Each class would teach something new and completely unexpected.
3. Involving – A big part of learning is doing, so participation is a must.
4. Moving – Break free of the classroom to wander, explore and travel.
5. Inviting – Not unlike the popular idea conference format, guest presenters would be plentiful and varied.
6. Intersectional – Ideas and teachers from disparate disciplines bump into each other.
7. Multi-generational – Kids, adults, and elders together.
8. Multicultural – A mix of worldviews.
9. Playful
10. Never-ending – The semester would never end. There would be no final degree. Just a journey.

I’ll join anytime. Let me know when you start 😉