This is just a quick note pointing to one of my favourite Podcasts, „Across the sound„.

This time (and next time) Joe has invited Jackie Huba of Church of the customer, and Pete Blackshaw from Consumer generated Media.

So what could this podcast potentially be about?
Of course, one of my favourite topics – consumer (or citizen) generated media (or content). They aren’t so sure about the exact term either. This was episode Nr. 1, with episode Nr. 2 following next week.

I just wonder – why putting it live like broadcasting, in two chunks, one this week, the second next week? Why not upload all of it in one go and let us have the content „on demand“? As far as I understood, that second chunk is already sitting on Joes harddrive, waiting for publication until next week…!

Any way, it’s definitely worth checking out nevertheless.