Adverblog just pointed me to a new campaign by Nokia, which is including a blog:

Welcome to the Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site. Here you will find blogger and media information that you can repurpose and utilize in your blog postings about the N90.

Seems like blogs are increasingly on the list of marketers. With different concepts, which makes it interesting.

Budget, as many know, ran a blog-based treasure hunt:

The company is placing stickers in sixteen different cities and giving text and video clues as to there location on the Up Your Budget blog. (via)

Now as I found out through AdJab, there is a first report on the quantitative success of the Budget campaign here.
Seems like it was indeed a success, even in terms of results relative to costs.

I am curious to see what results the Nokia approach will have, as it doesn’t (from what I could see sofar) include the response amplifier of incentives.
Instead it’s a PR tool with regular news bits, presented in the format of a blog – offering the typical tools to incite conversation: trackbacks, comments, permalinks, etc.