Simon Dumenco writes, that a Blogger is just a writer with a cooler name.

Now, I would like to discuss with Simon, whether „blogger“ is such a cool name in the first place.

But since Simon „posted“ his article in the so called „traditional way“, even though already in the digital space, I can’t comment on what he wrote. I can only email him, leaving everyone else out of this conversation.

Neither can I leave a trackback on his post in order to show him that I am writing within my own blog about his points. (Will someone point him to my blog?)

I can’t have a simple public conversation with him. I could only ask him to join me in a discussion board or forum. But I can’t argue with him on the „digital street“, as I walk by, figuratively speaking.

Taking this thought one step further:

  • Traditional Media Publishing is like one person giving a speach to a large auditorium. You read it, then you discuss with your friends. Maybe you write a letter to the editor (like asking a question in a large auditorium – how many people do that, really?)
  • The forums and discussion boards are on the other side of the scale. After a short time, people tend to know each other very well and often it’s hard for strangers to join into the mostly well advanced conversations.
  • Blogs allow for discussions „en passant“. Comparable to a smalltalk party. You klick past many blogs, do some commenting here and there, engage in some discussions – and sometimes you find topics that capture your interest for a little longer so you stay (or come back often).
  • (btw, thanks to Steve Rubel for pointing out a whole lot of other factors why blogging isn’t quite just plain writing.