So, I didn’t quite make it back to this blog on the 4th of October. But I got trapped trying to read all most of the feeds that accumulated over the last 3-4 weeks (doh).
And then I gave up. Of course. I guess quite a few people already shook their head at my attempt to cope with the accumulated feeds.

What did strike me glancing at headlines:
– Google (with Sun) offering an online „Office“ Version (see, for example, here.)
– Tim O’Reilly’s lengthy article on web 2.0 (here)
– The Legos Longtail (here)
– and just now: the darwinism of Marketing. But then again, one of the quotes says:

Two hundred years ago, the average American adult male was 5 feet 7 inches tall. Today the average American adult male is 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s evolution at work.

Now, I am no expert at this, but doesn’t it take slightly more than 200 years for this kind of phenomenon. Is this average growth rather related to people and children living healthier now than 200 years ago?

Anyway, lot’s of stuff for me to still read and go through. So more posts will follow in the next couple of days.