There is a microsite for the new AIM Mail. They’re promoting the new mail service with fictional characters that are blogging. And movie clips of/about two of the characters you can find here and there. They obviously want it to go viral.
Just one thing I don’t understand. Clips are still fine these days. If they’re at least a little entertaining, you can be sure that they get send around. And blogs are trendy, yes they’re great and of course, they’re, well, sort of viral.
But what the hell has this got to do with AIM Mail? It says nothing in the clips or blogs about mail. It would be a much better campaign had it been about AIM Journals – which is how they did the blogs. And they don’t even reference mail anywhere. it just sits there, inbetween nice clips and, well, ok-blogs. Or maybe I just don’t get it.

Aparently, they haven’t registered the domains for the other „bloggers“ as Adland writes. How stupid can you be? But then again. The clips are not that great, so I won’t miss the sequels.