PVR Wire has a good analysis of the YouTube acquisition by Google.

Google itself is already the 3rd busiest site on the internet, and now that it owns YouTube the company has control over a tremendous number of internet users, probably a higher percentage than anyone else!

Here is an Alexa comparison of Google Video and YouTube:

So Google has bought themselves a few eyeballs, since Google Video didn’t perform quite as well:

Putting criticisms aside you need only look a the amount of users and growth of YouTube to see why Google bought them. 20 million regular users, the Top 10 site on the net, and 100 million video views a day.

According to PVRWire there are three main things Google can do now with the new pool of content:

  • Video adverts in YouTube videos: selling adverts within or rather after the clips of users, preferrably context-sensitive.
  • Selling premium video, just like on google video.
  • Licensing content to TV stations like Blib.tv. Actually, a colleague of mine suggested to me today, that Google could start or at least support an extensive TV Network with channels broadcasting those thousands of clips clustered by topic, user votes, relevance, etc. per channel.

Regardless of these benefits, there are two winners these days, and they may look like your average around-the-corner geek, but take care, they’re multi-millionairs now, with only about a year or two worth of work:

The quality is a typical average user quality, with the little mishaps at the end – true user style, I like that. It has been viewed 560,859 times in the last two days, which makes it not top-video (yet), but I am confident they’ll make the top ten of their own site.