Seems like there is no age limit for any web2.0 application. We were already amazed with geriatric1927, who started fiddling with a webcam and quickly gathered a huge crowd of fans.

As of August 16, 2006, geriatric1927 was the most subscribed user on YouTube. His rise to the #1 position took place in just over a week.

Not quite as „multimedia“, but a little older instead, is Don. He blogs on his blog „Don to Earth“ and with 93 years old, he is probably one of the oldest, if not THE oldest blogger on earth.

I am certain, that in 40-50 years time, there will be millions of 80+ year old webusers blogging and youtubing away (if blogs and youtube then still exist). But at the moment this is an amazing step by these two guys. If I look at my grand dad, who has trouble understanding the concept of any modern digital device, I cannot imagine him writing a blog. (He does own and use a cell phone, though).

At the same time, I am curious (as I already wrote earlier on), how much (personal) content will float around a most probably gigantic social web. There might be 80+ year old bloggers who have an archive of 40+ years of blog posts…