The MediaGuardian also gossips a little about the upcoming Super Bowl Ad Frenzy.
I was surprised to find out that Budweiser does 20 spots just to choose which one to air. And I am even more surprised to read that they buy 5 minutes of airtime. At roughly $2.4m per :30s spot, that’s, errr, $20.8m. On the other hand, there is no other chance during the course of the year to reach up to 90m viewers within the same 30 seconds…

I particularly like the last sentence of this article (it relates to something I will post later on, which is still in draft, as it will be a little bit longer):

For one day of the year at least the ad industry can pretend it is back in the good old simple days of the mass communications era. And with 90 million watching, it’s easy to see why.