One of my favourite advertising related news sources has retired. The blogs network Weblogs, Inc. has retired

It has been a good source of advertising and marketing input for me. Sometimes I could hardly catch up with all the posts that they put out everyday. And especially after not having read the blog for quite a few days (which is why I only found out now) I had expected more than only 30 unread posts – it already made me a little suspicious…

Shame. But, as it is written in a post of the 1st of February:

It’s important to point out that a blog retirement is not a blog failure. Here at Weblogs, Inc. we are continually honing our network to be the best content engine for readers and bloggers both. In part, that means figuring out how to divide our resources that, sadly, are not infinite. We have changed tremendously in the last three years, expanding wildly at the start into a sort of bulk publishing model, then refining and contracting somewhat into a leaner machine. We have more bloggers than ever before, and fewer blogs. That means a dazzling concentration of minds and voices in our chosen fields of publication.

Many thanks to you guys, I enjoyed the show.

On a side note, it seems like a few blog networks are consolidating. I know of at least another one in Germany, that stopped a few of their blogs. Anyone heard of any others? Does Gawker still run all its blogs?