This seems interesting and obvious at the same time – a study about user revolution:

The report defines user revolution as a major trend that is happening primarily with consumers, who are taking control of content consumption and branding. The historically passive consumer is changing rapidly, not only becoming more informed and confident about purchase decisions, but also increasingly taking control of the consumption of information and content that used to be distributed by networks, studios, publishers and retailers […] We believe this will cause a significant rise in prominence of the Internet as a major content consumption and marketing medium.

The „news“ is from a report by Piper&Jaffrey. They list 12 key findings, such as predicted online advertising growth rates over the next few years (around 20% per year), the rise of communitainment (careful: new buzzword!), the rise of Usites (another one!) – sites with user generated content, and the increase of video ads.

At the end, they list the companies most likely to profit from these trends:

Google (and YouTube), Yahoo!, Disney, News Corp., Time Warner, Microsoft, InterActive, Facebook, Craigslist, Brightcove, Yelp, SINA Corp., Baidu, aQuantive, ValueClick, 24/7 Media, Netflix, Wikipedia, MobiTV, Digg and Hakia.