A highly amusing Microsite by Pepsi for the upcoming worldcup in Germany: mydadada.com

The main feature of the site is a video with some of the top footballers (ronaldo, ronaldinho, beckham) playing football against a bunch of bavarian (!) – not German – fellows. People outside Germany might not be aware of this: There is more to Germany, than just Bavaria. But I guess, people outside Germany don’t care about this (and why should they, admittingly).

The underlying song (da, da, da) is one of the most famous German songs – however, it is almost 20 years old. Question is: is it Pepsi, or us Germans, who couldn’t do any better than that?

A feature I found quite funny: „have your favourite German call“ – you can select a sentence spoken in a heavy German accent and then send this audio to a mobile phone of a friend of yours! It didn’t work for me, I guess it just works in the US.

I guess we’ll see a lot more of this in the next 3 months. Just wait what’ll happen, once the guys from England start „slagging the krauts“.

(thanks, Adland.)