Addictive online game for the cry wolf movie

There is a several things online for the new movie cry_wolf. What I just tried is the online game that is a AIM messenger based cluedo type of game:

Cry Wolf� the Game pits two groups of unequally informed players against one another in a discussion-centered contest of survival. Within the multi-round game, the well-meaning majority (aka „Sheep“) attempt to discern and eliminate destructive covert elements within the group (aka „Wolves“).

It seems to be fairly addictive, some of the players have played it 20+ times.
What’s most amazing is the type of product placement that is happening here and also, I guess, within the movie.
AIM is very prominently placed here. And you also need to have an AIM screen name to play this game. Even though the whole game is happening in a flash interface and not within the messenger. But AIM has provided the backend technology for this, I guess. This way, AIM should get lots of new registered users and once these users have an AIM account they might also use it for other chats. Nice idea. I haven’t seen a software product placement of this scale yet!

This is also available for mobile AIM to play on your phone. But I haven’t tried that yet, because I don’t have that on my phone, I don’t want that on my phone and it probably only works in the US anyway…


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Mobile Ideas: Recipe downloads for iPods…

Adage writes, that Kraft offers recipes for iPods to download. Somehow I have heard similar stuff before. Can’t find it now, but there was a company in Japan, that sends recipes to mobile devices especially during the evening rush hours, so that commuters could read them while they’re on their way home.

What I could find just now, is a service for restaurants. Not quite the same, but similar idea…

Should try to find that other article, but unfortunately, that’s more than a year ago…

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