A lot of fun on its way until the worldcup starts…

A highly amusing Microsite by Pepsi for the upcoming worldcup in Germany: mydadada.com

The main feature of the site is a video with some of the top footballers (ronaldo, ronaldinho, beckham) playing football against a bunch of bavarian (!) – not German – fellows. People outside Germany might not be aware of this: There is more to Germany, than just Bavaria. But I guess, people outside Germany don’t care about this (and why should they, admittingly).

The underlying song (da, da, da) is one of the most famous German songs – however, it is almost 20 years old. Question is: is it Pepsi, or us Germans, who couldn’t do any better than that?

A feature I found quite funny: „have your favourite German call“ – you can select a sentence spoken in a heavy German accent and then send this audio to a mobile phone of a friend of yours! It didn’t work for me, I guess it just works in the US.

I guess we’ll see a lot more of this in the next 3 months. Just wait what’ll happen, once the guys from England start „slagging the krauts“.

(thanks, Adland.)

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First rocketboom ad is live!

The MIT Advertising Lab has news about the first ad made by rocketboom being live now. A series of ads sold for $40.000 on eBay.
You could potentially watch it here, however they currently seem to experience a lot of traffic, so the page won’t load properly.

As „we are the media“ writes:

It was only a month ago that they sold their first advertisement package on ebay. The highest bidder, an atm company, gets an advertisement put at the end of every Rocketboom for a week. Rocktboom gets complete creative control and retains the creative commons copyright on it and so if their client likes the advertisement and wants to show it on tv, they have to buy !

That they kept creative control is probably not in the favour of the advertisers, but as the article continues, rocketboom seems to have found a good way of integrating the ad into the show:

Because they are not limited to television’s thirty seconds, they have added subtlety and intruigue and a great narrative story to the advertisements that will make Rocketboom subscribers sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next days advertisement.

(As mentioned above, I haven’t seen the ad myself, yet … so more commentary might follow.)


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MediaGuardian.co.uk | Media | Internet means end for media barons, says Murdoch

The Guardian picks up on a speech given by Rupert Murdoch:

Far from mourning its passing, he evangelised about a digital future that would put that power in the hands of those already launching a blog every second, sharing photos and music online and downloading television programmes on demand. „A new generation of media consumers has risen demanding content delivered when they want it, how they want it, and very much as they want it,“ he said.


I think he said something like that before.

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Commercials as vidcasts, why not?

The next logical step: offer feeds for commercials as a podcast of vidcast.

True, most people don’t like to watch commercials. But if someone is a fan or even an advocat of a brand, he/she will most likely want to watch every spot that is newly released.

And then there are those people generally interested in good TV commercials (just think about the fact that lots of people like to watch the Super Bowl commercials or the Cannes Roll.

So why not offer these people a feed, where they are notified whenever a new spot is available? That way, they can TiVo all the other ads on TV and still see the spots they like.

Does this work for every Brand, low as well as high involvement brands? Probably, if their TV spots are entertaining enough.


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Mary Woodbridge’s Everest Expedition

Mary Woodbridge’s Everest Expedition is a fairly new viral campaign from Mammut in Switzerland. Cup of Java has more detailed information on the story:

…featuring an 85-year old woman who had bought herself a Mammut jacket and suddenly found herself wanting to conquer Mount Everest with her dachshund Daisy

The interesting thing about this scoop: over 250 newspapers, TV-Stations, etc. have written about the 85-year-old trying to climb Mount Everest.
A German site has more background on how the media were fooled (or rather: took part in the nonsense by not researching properly).

To some extent that reminds me of the fictional character Chad Kroski, that T-Mobile invented – and for which it got into massive trouble, when they faked a wikipedia entry. (Which still exists – now with the complete information, though.)

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