New Old Spice campaign with a new guy

A new old spice commercial is on air (only outside the US, apparently).

Some things changed compared to the last concept: For one, there is a new actor, secondly, there is now also a lady in the spot, third: it’s not a one-shot clip any longer.

Well, I don’t think it’s half as cool as the clips from last year.

Intel, the visual life: the sartorialist.

OK, another one from Intel, but again well worth watching. The sartorialist, one of the most famous streetphotographers, is featured in a fantastic 7 minute long movie, with only a short intel logo at the end. This is content I like to watch, where I don’t mind the ad message at the end. Of course, in a few shots you see the sartorialist, Scott Schumann, sitting in front of the screen of his (assumingly intel based) computer.

Make sure you watch this in HD / 1080, its amazing footage:

New: YouTube Trends – find the latest virals.

Google Launches „YouTube Trends„, A Site For Keeping Up On The Latest Viral Videos:

As business insider writes:
The site will mix algorithmically determined lists of popular videos with posts providing context for the latest trends on YouTube.

Interesting though, that it is a blog-like site, hosted under Google’s blogger services It shows the the main trending videos in blog style, while offering filters for trending topics, categories, etc.

Once you click on „discover video trends near you“, you get to a trends dashboard, that is hosted on youtube again.