Back from vacation

Yes, I have been on vacation. I didn’t announce it, that’s right. But you might have noticed, that the last post is rather old. I had 3 weeks, believe it or not. All vacation from last year, which I had to take now in order for it not to be cancelled completely. So I drove around Germany, visiting friends and family in Hamburg, spending some time on the baltic sea and taking a train to Prague to visit a cousin who currently studies there for his MBA. The Fotos from Prague you can find at flickr (where else?).


Interesting is the fact, that I actually spent most of my time during the three weeks not being online. A novelty for me, since I am usually in danger to „wilfing„. But it was actually very refreshing to read some books or just wander aimlessly through the streets and alleys of Prague 😉
And now (or say, tomorrow), I will return to some more regular posting…