Jill and Kevin’s viral wedding video: just a marketing trick?

I suppose you all remember Jill and Kevin’s wedding video, in which the couple and a few of their friends were dancing to „forever“ by Chris Brown?

For those living outside Germany, here it is (YouTube is blocking music videos in Germany):

I really liked that video and copied it into my German Blogs. I enjoyed the story of how this idea came about (here is some background info about the wedding). I liked the idea of the couple wanting to celebrat their most important day in a special way. And I am sure quite a few of the many million who have watched this video thought alike.

However, just a few days ago, I found an article in the Swiss Newspaper „Neue Zürcher Zeitung“ that states that Jill and Kevin’s video hasn’t only gone viral, instead it was part of a viral markting campaign! Even the website they put up is a landing page for the campaign.

Hard to believe, I have to admit. Highly disappointing if it’s true.

So what was it marketing for? In that article it says that it was a campaign for the music of Chris Brown, who had popularity challenges and low record sales after having hit his girlfriend Rihanna.

Which is apparently the reason why you could not only purchase the song „Forever“ via Jill and Kevin’s website, but also donate for the Sheila-Wellstone-Institut, which is a foundation against domestic violence.

I am not sure whether this story is true, since I haven’t heard anywhere else about it. But if it is, then I am heavily disappointed:

People (including myself of course) believed this story to be true – only to find out the they have been tricked by a marketing campaign. Working in advertising myself, I know about the current challenges to get the attention of the target audience. But lying and cheating should never be an option for any marketer.

So I wonder: is it true, was it really just a marketing campaign? Does anyone know?