Guerilla advertising on an airplane

Germanwings and easyjet are two low budget airlines competing on the german market. German wings now came up with a peculiar idea of comparative advertising. It’s a novel idea, however I am not sure if I really like the execution, but judge for yourself:

Samsung „Superfast Stunt“

How about this viral idea of bungee jumping elephants in the middle of London?
(Doesn’t it look like it really happened…)

For whatever reason, Samsung is putting out one viral after the other lately, quite a few of them get good mentions throughout the social web. Does anyone know the creative and the seeding agencies behind this whole bundle of virals?

[Update: I just received the info that Samsung’s viral Agency is Viral Factory, see here.)

Weblinks, 21st of April

  • Need a short URL for twitter? try instead of the typical – this is a nice marketing idea by smart, the shortest car around. 😉
  • A nice new advert by Hondy, in stopmotion, using lots and lots of cars:
  • A card board trailer of „300“ by Panasonic – what would happen to Hollywood given the current financial crisis. It belongs to a German UGC campaign of Panasonic. At the microsite you can upload your own cardboard version of a Hollywood Blockbuster an win lots of prizes.

  • A rather cruel (viral) video, could be a little less gruesome, if you ask me. But then, some say, a good viral video needs violence, blood and disgustingness. However, they called it: „violence is no solution“ – it’s an advert for a secure  e-commerce shop.