„Urlaubsnotizen“ from Vietnam

For the next three weeks, I will take a break from all matters concerning marketing, advertising, social media marketing, etc.

Why? I am going on vacation in southeast asia for 3 weeks, Thailand and Vietnam, to be precise.

However, I will still be using some tools of social media – first and foremost writing travel notes on my german travel blog: Urlaubsnotizen.

Have fun reading and following my journey! And if you don’t speak German, you might still want to check out the pictures I will try to add each day.

The road trip in the south west of the USA

… is starting tomorrow. Well, not quite, we’re first flying to NY. But on Monday, we’ll arrive in Phoenix and then hit a few national parks, drive along the west coast from San Diego to San Francisco and back to Phoenix.
For all of those speaking German, you can find updates, travel diaries and many fotos here.

In Hamburg.

After a very busy week of unpacking and installing a brand new kitchen, I am now also officially registered in Hamburg.

Sorry if posting has been a bit slow in the last weeks, but my vacation is over next week. On Monday I will start my new job (very much looking forward to that!), and then I will also start thinking about marketing again and put out new posts.

Back from vacation

Yes, I have been on vacation. I didn’t announce it, that’s right. But you might have noticed, that the last post is rather old. I had 3 weeks, believe it or not. All vacation from last year, which I had to take now in order for it not to be cancelled completely. So I drove around Germany, visiting friends and family in Hamburg, spending some time on the baltic sea and taking a train to Prague to visit a cousin who currently studies there for his MBA. The Fotos from Prague you can find at flickr (where else?).


Interesting is the fact, that I actually spent most of my time during the three weeks not being online. A novelty for me, since I am usually in danger to „wilfing„. But it was actually very refreshing to read some books or just wander aimlessly through the streets and alleys of Prague 😉
And now (or say, tomorrow), I will return to some more regular posting…