Another fan created iPod ad

Do you remember the iPod ad the school teacher George Masters produced a few years ago? Well, there is a new fan-created ad, this time by an 19-year old from the midlands in the UK. And while Apple never even made a single statement about the ad Mr. Masters produced in 2004, they now asked their agency TBWA/Chiat/Day to fly the boy to LA and professionally produce the ad.

At the time of writing this, the ad had been viewed more than 440.000 times, 388 comments, and 569 favourites.

This success is probably also due to the case that big shots like the NY Times, Wired, Gizmodo, and MacRumous picked up on the story… And the fact that „User Generated Content“ has become a rather familiar concept since 2004 – apparently even for „divas“ like Apple.

(But if you ask me: it’s a horrible ad, especially the music!)

Dish your dirt viral game

Dish your dirt is a small „viral“ online campaign site for Gavin & Stacey, apparently a UK sitcom or something like that. It asks you around 10 questions on embarrassing or stupid things you might have done at the office, at parties, etc. The nice thing is a little shocker at the end, which reminds me of a couple of joke  *.exe files that were sent around a few years ago. Unfortunately the bad quality of the screenshot gives it away (you’ll see what I mean once you’ve gone through it).

From a marketing perspective there is an intelligent feature in it. While you wait for the „time consuming“ calculation of the results of this survey, you get to see a short trailor clip of the show… Something you might otherwise not have watched.