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This is a real challenge for ad experts. The following video is a huge collection of TV spots. It was made as part of the launch of the new identity of the Creative Circle awards in the UK. As adverblog writes, there are more than 78 spots referenced in this single video. Or, at least, that’s the highest number found so far. How is your score? (Mine is pretty bad)

Sony’s new ad will be the worlds first motionflow event

Somehow Sony managed to get everyone excited even about the making of a new advertisement. There was a lot of discussion about the previous bravia ads during their production. Now Sony has started the production of a new ad, which is being shot in a square in italy, where they are intending to build something that looks like the following:

The idea is to build a camera setup, that makes speed of images visible. Hence they rebuild the zoetrope:

It’s 1834 and William Horner has just invented the zoetrope. Its rotating drum transforms still images into a single moving picture. As the Greek name suggests, it’s the ‘wheel of life’ (zoe ‘life’, trope ‘turn’).

Fast forward to today and Sony’s Motionflow technology, intelligently adding new frames to action scenes to make them appear smoother than ever. At 200 frames a second, Motionflow 200Hz is like a fast, fluid 21st-century zoetrope.

What better way to celebrate this technology than through the creation of BRAVIA-drome, the most technologically advanced zoetrope in the world. We’ll bring you breaking news of our Motionflow 200Hz event, as it happens. Stay tuned.

So they need something or someone really fast to demonstrate the uniqueness of this setup. The solution: the ad will feature brazilian football player Kaka:

Football’s speeding up: the players run faster, the ball travels further. It’s the ultimate test of Motionflow 200Hz, the world’s first technology which makes intense action scenes appear as clear and smooth as real life.

It’s certainly a challenge, keeping up with AC Milan player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known as Kaká. He’s one of the fastest players on the pitch with a speed that’s rarely matched, making him the perfect embodiment of sharp and fast Motionflow 200Hz technology.

Currently, they are still building the whole construction. You can follow their progress on the blog specifically setup for this.

(Found at adrants)

Google will distribute videos with adverts

Google has partnered with Sony BMG, Condé Nast and Dow Jones & Company to distribute video content to third party sites. At the same time, these videos will show adverts. Here is a short description how it would work, found on the NY Times Website:

On the financial news site, for example, videos from The Wall Street Journal, a Dow Jones property, are running within ads on the site. In one, Emily Friedlander, a Wall Street Journal reporter, narrates a video feature on the TKTS booth in Times Square; Sam Schechner of The Journal speaks about marriage in TV shows; and Jonathan Welsh visits a motorcycle show.

After the three videos, a commercial from Pantene Pro-V, a hair conditioner, appears. In that case, Google shares the ad revenue with and Dow Jones.

This is a step of Google to move away from pure text and image based advertising to the segment of big money: TV adverts. And quite possibly, a first test of acceptance since they’re probably still working on all sorts of ways of how to monetise YouTube.

Founded as a text-based search company, Google’s early advertisers were smaller companies and advertisers who bought ads to generate direct sales rather than to build brand recognition.

Large brand advertisers still spend the bulk of their money on television advertising, but Google sees potential for them to spend more online through the use of video ads.

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