Vagabond Life: living and traveling in Latin America

It’s a great advantage to have a cousin and best friend who travels a lot. I have spent quite a few vacations just visiting my cousin Gerhard in whatever location he lived at that time.

It’s also always interesting to listen to the stories of my cousin. Travelling most of Latin America, he has experienced many interesting and quite a few peculiar things and knows a lot about what to do, where to go, what to try, etc.

It gets even better now, that my cousin decided to share his travel stories, adventures and travel tips with a wider audience, i.e. everybody. Here is his way of sharing: He just recently created the blog „Vagabond Life„:

The blog offers tips of every sort. Things as in the screenshot above: „The drink of choice in Buenos Aires„, but also „Running in Buenos Aires„, „how to use facebook as a traveller„, as well as simply stuff like „Foreign Currency Exchance„.

These tips will soon cover many countries in Latin America, since my Cousin usually travels to at least 3-4 different countries a year, with Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico being amongst the most often visited.

If my cousin keeps up pumping out about 2 posts a week, as he plans to, this could soon turn into one of the most valuable ressources for travel information on latin america on the web!

Off to Thailand

Finally vacation! The first long holiday since September 2008, when I travelled along the west coast of the US. This time I am going to visit Asia – Thailand to be precise. In the same way I kept a travel diary during our trip in 2008, I will again update (in german) on an almost daily basis, depending on internet availability on all those islands I visit.

Have fun reading!

The road trip in the south west of the USA

… is starting tomorrow. Well, not quite, we’re first flying to NY. But on Monday, we’ll arrive in Phoenix and then hit a few national parks, drive along the west coast from San Diego to San Francisco and back to Phoenix.
For all of those speaking German, you can find updates, travel diaries and many fotos here.

New Blog, new topics – a new travelblog

A new blog for each topic. After a blog about new and cool stuff on the net, tips for inspiration and motivation, as well as funny videoclips I have now opened a new blog – a travel blog named  It is, my dear english readers, also in german – as the others. (This blog here is the only one in english, since the topic of digital media marketing is too international to keep it within the german blogosphere.)

For you, my dear german readers, the travelblog will provide you with a photo and text documentary of my travels – the first one being a fantastic tour of the west coast of the USA. You can find more information about the places we’ll visit over here. And here is a map of the trip:

Größere Kartenansicht