19 kostenlose Digital Strategy Tools

Hervorragende Übersicht 19 kostenloser Tools für die Entwicklung digitaler Strategien, zusammengestellt von Julian Cole:



Einige kannte ich schon (TopsyGoogle Trends und Keywordplanner), andere noch nicht (Google Customer Journey Planner oder Wiztracker für YouTube Stats)

Lohnt sich, einige davon im Browser (oder anderswo) zu Bookmarken.



Social Media in the 90s

Courtesy of one of my colleagues who sent this around today: Social Media always existed in one or the other form. Sometimes the means of communication were a little complicated or indirect, but there was no excuse for not having been able to communicate the way you can today.

Well, I am still happy to have the tools of today, even though I sometimes feel like they can turn me into an adult ADD…