T-Mobile „the un-carrier“ – das Kleingedruckte im Spot.

Wer kennt es nicht. Die Kreation ist fertig, und dann kommt das Kunden Feedback.

„Here are the changes“ – „I love changes“.

Genauso fühlt es sich für Agenturen an, wenn der Kunde mit unzähligen Einschränkungen und Restriktionen um die Ecke kommt. Nur dass Agenturberater selten so cool reagieren wie in diesem Video…



The unexpected power of TV advertising

Even though the discussion about the life after the 30 Sec. Spot continues, there are still some amazing examples of how TV advertising produces visible results.

There is a TV spot for German Telekom currently running in Germany, that is quite nicely done, a few nice special effects, absorbing visuals and surprising scene-cuts. But really nothing special.

Yet, the spot draws you in, fascinates you (well, at least me). And that’s mainly because of the song they’ve chosen. It’s „Paint it Black“ by the Rolling Stones and a search on Technorati for this song shows that many people talk about it.

Indeed, if you look at Yahoo! Clever (Yahoo! Answers) in Germany, there are many people looking for the song in the Telekom Ad.

And, furthermore: this song, even though a few decades old, made it all the way to Nr. 2 of the German iTunes charts! Listed before Maroon 5 and P!nk, for example!

The product of German Telekom launches on the 4th of June, so we don’t know yet, how successful this will be.

But we certainly know already, that the TV spot has helped the Rolling Stones catapult one of their classics all the way up the charts. I find this rather amazing.