Why Social Media Projects fail: a study.

I missed the last Social Media Club Hamburg meeting, unfortunately. It was booked out when I first looked, and I didn’t have a chance to check the list again later on.

The discussion must have been quite interesting, the topic certainly was: why social media projects fail. Basis for the discussion was a study amongst more than 500 Marketers across Europe.

This is the presentation of the study:

Why Social Media Projects Fail?! – A European Perspective

View more presentations from BSI.
The presentation held during the SMCHH Event can be found here. It is based on the facts above, but offers a further discussion angle to the story.

New „State of the Blogosphere, 2008“

It seems to me like it’s been a long time since the last state of the blogosphere analysis of technorati. I think the last one must have been early 2007.

In the new publication, they offer much more insight than they used to. They conducted a survey amongst bloggers:

For the first time, we surveyed bloggers directly about the role of blogging in their lives, the tools, time, and resources used to produce their blogs, and how blogging has impacted them personally, professionally, and financially. Our bloggers were generous with their thoughts and insights.

The whole publication is split into 5 daily segments, but I look particularly forward to day 5, when they seem to publish information about brands entering the blogosphere. Here is a breakdown of the 5 segments:

    Day 1: Who Are the Bloggers?
    Day 2: The What And Why of Blogging
    Day 3: The How of Blogging
    Day 4: Blogging For Profit
    Day 5: Brands Enter The Blogosphere