MySpace Myth

I love it. There is always someone in the whole webosphere, who’s got the time, brains and curiosity to dive deep into things that we can’t be bothered with until we see the results.

This guy here, for example, was wondering about the fact that MySpace has 100 mio users. So he looked at a couple of hundred of them, clustered them, and found out that many profiles are probably abandoned or at least currently inactive.

Whew. Looks like the popular claim that MySpace has 100,000,000 users is hot air. More than 50% can’t even bother to visit again after a month. Based on assuming that type 5 and type 6 are the real ‚users‘ of MySpace, it turns out that MySpace really has roughly 43,000,000 users. Very unscientific? Yep. More accurate than the 100,000,000 myth? Damn straight. The 100,000,000 number is inflated by 133%.

Might be unscientific, but at least he put his data into some nice bar- and pie-charts, which makes a marketeer like myself happy in any case 😉