Mobile is eating the world

Eine sehr interessante Präsentation über den Status Quo der mobilen Kommunikationswelt.

Die ersten beiden Kapitel der Präsentation zeigen hauptsächlich Statistiken zur Entwicklung des Smartphone und Tablet Marktes. Die beiden letzten Kapitel sind insofern sehr viel interessanter, weil hier über die Ecosysteme und deren strategische Bedeutung, bzw. über die Entwicklung von Mobile Social.



Von Benedict Evans, Freelance Analyst und Consultant aus London.



Top Internet Marketing Posts and Social Media Casestudy Superlist

Two link tips for some background reading, if you have a lot of time at hand:

If you’re in need of social media case studies, there is a really extensive meta list as compiled by Robin of the Interactive Insights Group. Meaning: it’s a list of links to sites with lists of casestudies. Nothing you can read in one go, but definitely something for your bookmarks.

Secondly, there is a gigantic list of the best internet marketing posts of 2009, as compiled by Tamar Weinberg. Again, bring some time along – or just bookmark it for future reference, as I did 🙂

(both found at steve rubels lates links.)

Linktip: 10 Social Media Myths

This is a great list of the 10 Social Media Myths. Quite a few I have heard myself, too:

1. Great Content Always Goes Hot
2. There are No Rules
3. You Can’t Build Quality Relationships Online
4. The More Friends, the Better
5. Social Media Marketing is Easy
6. Social Media Won’t Last
7. Social Media will Replace Traditional Marketing
8. Social Media is a Cure-All
9. Social Media is for Kids
10. Digg is All that Matters

Go to the site and read it, it’s great stuff!

10 new buzzwords you might like (but not need)

Nevermind the fact that there are sooo many marketing buzzwords out there already, enough for a prolonged bullshit olympics, behind this link are 10 more you most likely haven’t heard yet – but might well hear often in the future 🙂

Here are some examples:

2. Viruseful.
Viral marketing initiatives that are actually useful.
„Not only did Shave Everywhere make me laugh—I was able to configure and purchase my new electric razor online“

4. Emotrics
The analytical measurement of emotions.
„Yes—we’ve seen the metrics. But what about the Emotrics? We need to measure emotional engagement!“

6. Intercommunes
When people meet on the internet, form communities and eventually move into a commune together. For real.
„When I first started participating in social media, I didn’t leave the house. Now, I never have to leave the Intercommune.“