The three spheres of web strategy

Jeremiah Owyang posted an interesting thought-model of three essential elements of web strategy.

The three spheres, which are influencing each other, intersecting and overlaying are Business, Community and Technology:

The business sphere requires a strategist to understand the long term objective of a website and it’s goals.

The Community: The Web Strategist must understand (by using a variety of techniques and tactics) what users want. This is commonly known as User Experience Research which will create and craft a ‘mental model’.

Lastly, a Web Strategist needs to know how each and every tool and technology work, they’ll need to know the strengths, benefits, limitations and costs. This also applies to human capital, and timelines.

His viewpoint is that of a web strategist working within a company, being, for example, in charge of the corporate website. But it can also translate to digital planners in agencies, who need a similar profile.

Curiosity as the new career skill

The title gives it away, I know. But I do agree with Steve Rubel. Curiosity is a very important career skill these days. At least in our industry, where things are changing so fast, that typical approaches of a few years ago might no longer work – or at least not be the best approaches out there.

You don’t have to try everything or follow every single new Web2.0 gadget, website, or whatever. But you need an inherent interest in the movements happening out there.