7-11 did infact turn some markets into Kwik-E-Marts

I have already heard about this as a rumour in April, and infact it has become reality: 7-11 has turned some of their markets into Kwik-E-Marts:


They even got some of the typical Simpsons products in these stores, like buzz cola and KrustyO’s. A list of these Simpsons-inspired products is over here.


You can find a whole bunch of photos over here at flickr.

However, it sounds like they haven’t done this promotion in every state… You can locate a Kwik-E-Mart near you via this locator

Oh, and Jet Blue („the official airline of Springfield“) also has a Simpsons tie-in going.

(thanks to cup of java and creative generalist)

Turning 7-elevens into Kwik-E-Marts

Not sure, if this is true, but I’ll help spreading the word, since I like the idea:

A deal is pending between the world’s largest gas station company and Fox to temporarily convert 11 7-Elevens across the United States into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the upcoming Simpsons Movie. I’ve taken the liberty of creating an image of what this might look like if the event goes through, and let me be the first to say this is completely awesome.

You’ll also be able to buy items inspired by the show, like KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola, and iced Squishees. As soon as we find out exactly if, when, and where this happens, we’ll be sure and let you know.

Here is what it could look like, according to Justin Glow:


(found here.)