Tipp-Ex Bear hunter viral video

We all enjoyed the subservient chicken for Burger King. We also enjoyed the Samsung „follow your instinct“ interactive Video story where you can choose how to proceed with the story by clicking on one of several button to continue different paths:


And we also like youtube advertising, that plays with the layout of the page, as in the movie promo for the Expendables.

Now, Tipp-Ex has combined those three and came up with a nice advertising Campaign:

You can choose – or shall I say it looks like you can choose – one of two endings. Warning, here is a spoiler:

You don’t have a choice. The bear won’t be shot, in both options the ad changes, the youtube special ad format kicks in and the guy grabs the Tipp-Ex from the box on the righthand side, deletes the word „shoots“ and tells you to tell him, what to do with the bear instead. From then on, it feels like the subservient chicken. You can tell him, for example, to dance with the bear:

Of course, many people tried other commands with the subservient chicken, so I had to try this, too:

Nice combination of stuff that has been seen before… Of course, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter…

Samsung „Superfast Stunt“

How about this viral idea of bungee jumping elephants in the middle of London?
(Doesn’t it look like it really happened…)

For whatever reason, Samsung is putting out one viral after the other lately, quite a few of them get good mentions throughout the social web. Does anyone know the creative and the seeding agencies behind this whole bundle of virals?

[Update: I just received the info that Samsung’s viral Agency is Viral Factory, see here.)