Pharrel vs McDonalds

While in Paris on a connecting flight, Pharrel tries to order a Big Mac while it’s still 6am – and the french staff neither know Pharrel, nor do they want to offer him anything but breakfast – and last but not least they don’t seem to know him and aren’t impressed at all by his musical performance:

McDonalds obviously has nothing to do with it:

A McDonald’s rep confirmed that the stunt wasn’t commissioned by the fast feeder. However, he was impressed with the publicity. The rep said: „We were surprised and entertained by the video of Pharrell performing [our jingle]. We certainly welcome him as a customer, and we appreciated his spontaneous and funky celebration of our food.“

And I wonder: what will McD do next, how will they appropriately (digitally) respond to this video, which gathered half a million views in only a few days?

(Found at Werbeblogger)