The One Club „Best of digital decade“ is here.

Digital Marketing is more than a decade old. But the last decade has been particularly interesting. The famous One Club has now announced their „best of digital decade„. They are:

  • The subservient chicken – who would have guessed? This has been such a huge hit, I am always amazed when people say they don’t know this.
  • The hire – the famous BMW films.
  • Nike Plus – fantastic example of wholistic thinking beyond pure campaigning.
  • Uniqlock – not really my thing, I have to admit.
  • Whopper sacrifice – a campaign that caused more talk than participants, I would assume.
  • Chalkbot – fantastic on- / offline campaign.
  • Dreamkitchens – great content.
  • Eco Drive – another good example of wholistic thinking.
  • HBO Voyeur – again, great content and interaction.
  • Dove Evolution – not really a digital play, except for the fact that the clip was seeded only first. But nevertheless, it was a great idea based on a simple insight.

Take a look yourself!

Allianz Football Viral: Ribery vs Toni

The European Championchip is coming soon and you can see how companies like adidas and nike have started to publish all sorts of clips and virals. Now a company rather unlikely to produce football virals has published this 2.5 minute long video of a battle of Franck Ribéry vs Luca Toni:

You can see a company logo in this clip several times, but it is not too obvious. Only once you see this clip, you get a URL that provides more info about who’s behind it:

Once you visit the website mentioned at the end of this clip, you can see it’s done by Allianz, a German insurance company. It’s nicely done, but I am still surprised to see an insurance company go through all this effort to show their logo. But since it’s very entertaining, I won’t ask any more questions 😉