Best and worst ads of 2007

The Wallstreet Journal published a list of the best and worst ad campaigns of 2007. Amongst the best were the ad campaigns of Dove, the Simpsons Movie, Cadbury. Some of the worst were, General Motors, Snickers and Chrysler.

Interesting fact: while I have seen/read about all of the good ones, I know none of the bad ones. So even while being over here in Germany, I know (about) the good ads. And I did see / learn about them through traditional media. Get it?

Bunnies in New York. The new Sony Bravia ad

Somehow Sony has managed to create a buzz around their ads that gets people curious and waiting to see the ad. The new ad will launch October 5th, but you can already see a „making of“ teaser on YouTube. The team of 40 animators animated 189 small bunnies and one 30 ft giant rabbit – it must have taken a long time to create this:

[Update: it is now live.]

7-11 did infact turn some markets into Kwik-E-Marts

I have already heard about this as a rumour in April, and infact it has become reality: 7-11 has turned some of their markets into Kwik-E-Marts:


They even got some of the typical Simpsons products in these stores, like buzz cola and KrustyO’s. A list of these Simpsons-inspired products is over here.


You can find a whole bunch of photos over here at flickr.

However, it sounds like they haven’t done this promotion in every state… You can locate a Kwik-E-Mart near you via this locator

Oh, and Jet Blue („the official airline of Springfield“) also has a Simpsons tie-in going.

(thanks to cup of java and creative generalist)