Using Menu Psychology to Entice Diners

Not quite digital marketing, but similar rules surely apply to creating well selling online web pages. The NY Times has a piece on how restaurants are trying to improving their menues. Things like highlighting the most profitable items on the menue via putting boxes around them, display prices without a dollar sign, etc. Some restaurants seem to be continously testing how to best design menues so that revenue and profitability increases.

“If admen had souls, many would probably trade them for an opportunity every restaurateur already has: the ability to place an advertisement in every customer’s hand before they part with their money.”

Very true. An inspiring read: Using menue psychology to entice diners.

DLD 07 – all videos ready to watch

Ok, there goes the weekend. Guess I’ll be pretty busy – I just found out that you can watch all the videos of the “Digital Life Design” Day on the DLD 07 Media Website. See Marissa Mayer of Google speak about the billion dollar bubble or John Naisbitt about “Mind Set!”, probably based on his new book. Or Luc Besson, Craig Newmark, David Sifry, Arianna Huffington. See? Guess you’ll be busy, too. ;)