Book a flight on Oceanic Flight 815 if you want to get lost.

I am badly hooked on the series „lost„, as I wrote in my German Blog already. The sixth and supposedly last season started yesterday in the US (the parts are available in Germany always one day later), however in the last couple of days / weeks a few marketing gigs have already taken place. Such as this one: you can book a flight on Oceanic 815 from Sydney to L.A. on – for a horrendous price, of course. Quite a nice idea!

(via adverlab)

Nice idea for an ordinary product: Inside Google

Coming up for an original idea for a rather ordinary product like the cereal wheetabix isn’t always easy.

In this case, it’s a play on the fact that wheetabix as a breakfast gives you energy for the whole day. So they came up with a questions that is interesting for all of us: „What makes the worlds largest search engine work?“


The answer: a library lady who assembles all the information within 0.12 seconds (or so), you can take a peak behind the Google screen over here.

When you’re not typing search queries yourself, it seems like you can see queries of other people as live search. But somehow I don’t believe that…