Online Deep House Music Recommendation

It’s been a while, since I last recommended an online music offer, but this time it is well deserved. I have been listening to this excellent station via iTunes a lot, but the last couple of weeks it’s not accessible through iTunes any longer, for whatever reason. I didn’t bother because I thought this „temporary“ problem would resolve itself soon. Well it didn’t until today, so I googled for their website with a live stream instead: the House channel

The House channel is operated by a loose collection of New York City-based DJs, producers and musicians, coordinated by house music veteran DJ Jolene.

Our silky vibe is a direct result of our participation in the NYC house music community. The programming is compiled from rare cuts, yet-to-be-distributed promo vinyl, original studio work, selected DJ mixes, live DJ sets and discriminating trips to NYC record stores.

To us, „deep“ means a feel that is rooted in the origins of house music, when talented vocalists, innovative sampling, and dynamic song arrangements play a strong role in each track. Today, producers incorporate live musicians, soulful vocal arrangements and thick danceable rhythms to create the deep sound we feature here.