New Blog, new topics – a new travelblog

A new blog for each topic. After a blog about new and cool stuff on the net, tips for inspiration and motivation, as well as funny videoclips I have now opened a new blog – a travel blog named  It is, my dear english readers, also in german – as the others. (This blog here is the only one in english, since the topic of digital media marketing is too international to keep it within the german blogosphere.)

For you, my dear german readers, the travelblog will provide you with a photo and text documentary of my travels – the first one being a fantastic tour of the west coast of the USA. You can find more information about the places we’ll visit over here. And here is a map of the trip:

Größere Kartenansicht

Clever book marketing based on a brilliant idea.

Just yesterday (or this morning), I received a comment by somebody who added some thoughts on viral marketing by pitching his own book including a lot of links in his comment. I let that comment through, because it sounded interesting. The other day however, not long ago, I received an email by somebody pitching his book to me, including some videos I ended up never watching. Boring pitches for books…

But now I found a really cool idea of someone who thought of a very unusual way to sell his book. Here is the English translation of something I found on this German site (and couldn’t yet find in English anywhere – let me know if you do):

Because his debut novel wouldn’t sell and the publishers were reluctant to invest any money in advertising, author WS Maugham decided to take matters in to his on hands. He published classifieds in a few daily newspapers in London with the following copy: „Young millionaire, lover of sports, cultivated, with good taste of music and a patient and empathetic character wishes to marry any young and beautiful girl that resembles the heroine of W.S. Maughams new novel.

Six days later the complete print run of the first edition of the novel was sold out.
Fantastic idea! Good buzzmarketing, and this was in the 1800’s!