Don’t you think some clients would love to hear audiences say that?

There is a new meme going around the blogosphere/twittersphere. It’s called „Things real people don’t say about advertising“ and depicts typical things clients/marketers might want their target audiences to say or think about their advertising/website/banner ads, etc.

Love it! People already seem to be sending in their own stuff, so this could turn out to be brilliant lunchtime entertainment!

(thanks, Carsten!)

April Fools Day from YouTube

Nope, this is not about their current struggle with the rights of music videos in several countries (including Germany and the UK). It’s about their „new“ design, which they introduced today!


Click here to see a larger Version. In case of problems, they give you the following tipps (in German, I am afraid, but the cartoons are explicit enough…):

(the last tipp says: move to Australia…)