Miracle Burger King Bun found at McD?

Here is a viral marketing ploy that I was sent (seeded?) from two different email addresses within  20 Minutes this morning. A couple of guyss purchase a McD burger and find an image of „the king“ toasted into the bun.

One of the links they sent me leads to a page, where a guy speculates about this mystery, seemingly he always speculates about mysteries like that:

Listen I’m one of those guys who never believes shit like this.   Like when people see Jesus in their banana or they get a p*nis shaped cheeto I’m always like relax.   It’s just a fucking cheeto. But this one is different. I mean if that’s not the fucking King in this guy’s bun than I don’t know what is.

All of this reminds me, somehow, of the Lincoln Fry Mystery-Viral campaign in 2005, where a French fry in the shape of Lincolns silhouette caused some buzz; note: all of the links in my 2005 blogpost don’t work properly any longer, unfortunately. Luckily, the campaign made it into Wikipedia, so you can find some more details there. (The prop used in that campaign was sold for 75k on a yahoo auction. I wonder for how much the bun will sell…?)