Online spending will increase even more in 2007

Clickz mentions a survey in which 500 direct marketers were asked about they spending plans in 2007. The result? A visible shift towards online.

As many as 85 percent of direct marketers and service providers say they will move dollars to e-mail and Internet channels

Now this is great, but:

Meanwhile, a comparatively meager 51 percent say they will increase their offline budgets.

Hey, that’s still half of the sample asked in this survey! The reason: there will be a general increase of budgets in DM:

“The survey indicated there’s going to be a lot of growth across the board, but especially online and e-mail marketing,” Alterian Director of Marketing Joe Stanhope told ClickZ News.

E-Mail will be the winner, so watch out for even more clutter in your inbox:

Eighty-one percent plan to increase spending on the channel, while 50 percent intend to up their direct mail budget and 45 percent say they will spend more on personalized landing pages.

The last quote once again proves that one of the main benefits of the online channel – the measurability – is yet to be discovered by many. But if they do, they know.

Companies most comfortable with online and e-mail marketing are in large part the ones that have invested in analytics. “There is a correlation between channel integration and analytics,” said Stanhope. “If a marketer has gotten to this sophistication level where they’re doing integrated marketing campaigns, those are the people sophisticated enough to have that kind of infrastructure to carry out analysis.”