Fox starts ad targeting to leverage MySpace profile data

Clickz writes that Fox Interactive Media buys an ad targeting firm to leverage MySpace profile data. And I ask myself: what the heck have they done before? They have, apparently, used some data to optimise for Google ads, but much was not done.

„The driving reason to do it is to make more money selling ads,“ said Barrett.

I’m impressed by their sharpness. Or by Clickz actually publishing that quote?

Till now, the News Corp division has done little to capitalize on the information that, when paired with SDC’s ad optimization technology, will allow for highly-refined audience segmentation and contextual micro-targeting.

So what’s new?

Anyway, apart from that, it is of course the right move. A little late – and it can’t just be due to the fact that they had to go through „a ton“ of potential firms for acquisition.

Do you believe in the 5? A new campaign by Adidas

Another nice campaign pointed out to me by Adverblog: Adidas wants to know if you believe in the 5:

A new Adidas website by EVB for Flash and basketball fans. „Do you believe in 5?“ starts with a great video, and develops in a website which aims at having basketball players sharing the ideas and ideals they believe in.

I have already added myself to the wall, though I didn’t pick the most creative name (I didn’t know that this name would actually be put on this wall, since I never read instructions with these kind of things).


Seems like this whole community is still largely work in progress… There is a lot of „coming soon“ in the profiles.