New Diesel Fragrance Campaign Site

Martina from Adverblog writes about a new site for a new Diesel Fragrance. It’s based on a series of videos and on the omnipresent shout out „I am alive“.

Throughout the whole site you find lots of this „I am alive“, it can get anoying at some point so be ready to turn the speakers of.


Of course there is some user generated content possible, you can upload a video of yourself shouting „I’m alive“ or upload a picture of yourself. There is also a „Chatroom“ looking like a cinema. But it was first empty and soon entering guest1237 and guest 1218 wouldn’t answer…


There is a lot more to explore, so try it out!

7-11 did infact turn some markets into Kwik-E-Marts

I have already heard about this as a rumour in April, and infact it has become reality: 7-11 has turned some of their markets into Kwik-E-Marts:


They even got some of the typical Simpsons products in these stores, like buzz cola and KrustyO’s. A list of these Simpsons-inspired products is over here.


You can find a whole bunch of photos over here at flickr.

However, it sounds like they haven’t done this promotion in every state… You can locate a Kwik-E-Mart near you via this locator

Oh, and Jet Blue („the official airline of Springfield“) also has a Simpsons tie-in going.

(thanks to cup of java and creative generalist)

Interactive cinema movies controlled by your mobile phone

Wow, this sounds great:

…the six-minute-long interactive movie is in the „choose you own adventure“ style and generates 16 different endings depending on the choices of the audience. During the adverts the audience are given 4 different questions to answer and which they need to text to a given number. The final version of the movie is compiled from the clips that gather the most votes (which is all handled digitally). (via Adverblog)

Fiat Cinema

There also is a campaign site offering the same for the home viewer. First, you select which type of scenes you want (my portuguese is not so good, so I just chose randomly):


and then you can see your „selfmade“ movie:

Fiat 2

Even though the idea of the campaign site is nice, the WOW-effect of sitting in a movie theater and being able to influence what’s on the big screen is of course much more amazing.

However, I hope they let it run 2-3 times at least, because if they only do that once, you won’t be able to getting a feeling how the movie changes from time to time and might even assume that it’s the same movie every day…