The first Digital Advertising trends for 2008

Just last weekend, when I was buying grocery for my farewell party from Frankfurt, I noticed that supermarkets already stock christmas cookies and bakery – but it’s only beginning of September…It starts earlier every year it seems, doesn’t it?

Giles Rhys Jones is also rather early: He already predicts the Digital Advertising Trends for 2008. The trends he lists are all about the changing agency landscape. And he’s right about them, I think. The way agencies will work will change (does change already). The skills needed will change, too.

I wish you a merry Christmas

… I wish you a merry Christmas, I hope you all have relaxing holidays and a good, enjoyable run up to New Years Eve.

I myself will be spending this time with my family, looking forward to a few days of good company, good meals, good music and good times.

So I will get back to blogging sometime after the 29th, I suppose.