TV as the social center point of a family?

An editor of wired, Robert Lemos, has stopped watching regular TV and replaced everything with internet content.

    Suddenly, our family was not sitting together in the living room watching television — except for the occasional DVD movie — but instead scattered around the house. My wife and I watched our shows on our office computers, and our kids watched theirs on a laptop in the kitchen. Within a few days, the diaspora driven by digital content already made the house seem, well, less homey.

    Apparently, TV has never been the center of this family, but nevertheless, the fact that everyone all of a sudden watched „TV“ at their preferred PC-location changed everything.

    Plus: watching live sports online is apparently impossible. This will be one of the only things left for programmed television: Sports, elections, ceremonies such as the Oscars or Royal Weddings. Things you have to watch live. Everything else can be customised, downloaded, and watched whenever you want.

    The role of TV will have to change to keep up. And there will be some social implications when this media usage is shifting. No more common TV room. No more watercooler discussions about show xyz from the evening before (unless it’s one of the exceptions named above). TV will be in the same corner as any website or even a book. People will watch it a all different times and under different circumstances, TV programmers (and advertisers) will not know any more, in which personal context people will watch certain shows.

    Robert Lemos concludes:

    As for my family, we’ve decided to remain cut off from cable television, and live with the net as our entertainment lifeline. Before the Wired assignment came along, we were already headed toward paring our television consumption down to a few shows a week and the experiment showed that the internet could do that much.

    In the end, getting videos from the internet is not the same as live television programming. However, in a few years, I believe it will be better.